5 Travel Apps to Download Before Your Next Trip


Best Travel Apps

I find traveling with a few apps pre-downloaded on my phone or tablet incredibly helpful while traveling. Some of them are more for convenience than anything else, while others provide much needed piece of mind.

These are five apps I would never leave home without.

1. Noted

I like to use Noted as part of the pre-trip planning process, as well as for jotting down memorable activities and restaurants while I am at my destination. For pre-trip planning, the app can search specific locations (ie: Roman Forum) and add them in a folder associated with the city. Once you drill down to the specific restaurant or activity you’ve entered in the app, it stores the address and has a feature for you to add comments you may want to remember later.

2. TripCase:

The feature I like most about TripCase is that you can forward all of the different pieces of your itinerary (air, car, hotel) to their system email (trips@tripcase.com) and each piece of your itinerary will automatically appear as a combined itinerary in the app.  The app is also integrated with Uber, so you can continue tracking transportation alongside the rest of your itinerary without switching apps.

3. GateGuru

Even though this app is for exclusive use in the airport, it may be my favorite. To me, there is literally nothing worse than settling for the food court in the airport when you find out later there was a much better restaurant or bar just a few gates down. GateGuru completely eliminates that kind of mistake and makes layovers and rushed pre-flight eating much less hectic.   READ MORE


This Week’s Everyday Adventures & A Few Links


ann brashares quote

On enjoying what you eat: There’s more than just a little bit of talk around the web about food. We like this short article on what it means to enjoy food. We have to take the side of the author and say that we think it is a shame that some people eat purely for the sake of eating, and not for the enjoyment of the memories, tastes, conversation and associations that accompany it.

Get Trekking: We love Kate’s recap of a recent trip to Patagonia and a recap of a multi-day hiking trek she completed. Her pictures are insane (I mean check out the color of that glacial water).

Bring your lunch: One of our new years goals was to bring our lunches to work more often. Not only does it save money, but it is also healthier and saves time going out to pick up lunch. The Everygirl rounded up 10 healthy lunch bowls you can make in under 20 minutes.

Our Austin Faves: We’ve recently updated our Austin Restaurant Guide to include a couple of new places we’ve discovered over the past couple of months. Be sure to check it out for our favorite places for breakfast, coffee, lunch and dinner around the city.

10 Places: To get away from it all in the middle of nowhere in true Texas style.

Making us blush: This blush jacket + black dress color combination is all things ladylike.

This week, a few of our everyday adventures included:

  • A picnic in Zilker park at lunchtime when the weather was picture perfect
  • Hitting up Uchi happy hour to satisfy our hama chili and brussel sprout cravings
  • {Lindsey} hitting the road for the rest of the month for a trip to South America and Uruguay

It never ceases to amaze us how fast time flies by. We are already 23 days in to January and 2015 is in full swing. This weekend should be full of adventures for both of us. Hopefully lots of time spent outside, catching up with friends (in both Austin and Argentina) and for Haley, getting a few errands taken care of. Wishing you all wonderful, everyday adventure filled weekends!

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Leather Pants


Leather Pant

Leather Pant

Leather Pant

Leather Pant

Leather Pant Leather pant

Leather pant

These pants may be my favorite purchase of this entire winter season. After having them on my wish list year after year I finally made the splurge and invested in a pair that I knew would last many seasons to come. I have been focusing on quality of things that I am purchasing over quantity and have worn these pants so many different ways for work and for fun.

You may remember the top half of my outfit from a lovely day we spent winery hopping in the hill country a few weeks back. It was the perfect layered up look to wear that day, as it was cold in the shade and warm in the sun, and the graphic print tee under the sweater made it easy to layer up and down.

Shop the look:

Space Dye Cardigan (similar)
White Graphic Tee
Leather Pants
Black Bootie
Stella McCartney Sunglasses (similar)
The Dowry Necklaces


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On Rotation: January


on rotation january

We thought it may be fun to share the things that seem to be on constant rotation in our lives each month this year. From what we are wearing, to what’s cooking and what we’re watching on TV, we’re rounding up the things that we keep talking about on an almost daily basis that we think you may like too.

1. New Fragrances

One of the perks of Haley’s job is that she is majorly in the know about the best lines of different products. Our new fragrances (Lindsey, Haley) are exactly that kind of find, and we just can’t get enough of them. The Nasomatto line is made in the Netherlands, with highly concentrated scents that last all day and are in beautiful bottles with exotic hardwood tops. The Agonist line is made in Sweden and is in more minimalist packaging and has a range of scents from feminine to more masculine. If you are a try before you buy kind of girl, Neiman Marcus sells both brands.

2. Ina Garten Recipes

If you’ve been reading the blog for any period of time, you’ve likely noticed our semi obsession with Ina Garten. We’ve been cooking out of one of her older cookbooks for the last couple of weeks, and so far everything has been really good. Our two biggest “wins” have been this recipe for mustard roasted fish and this salad that has roasted butternut squash and cranberries. We are all about simple meals with really good ingredients.

3. This Sweater

One of the perks of living with your sister (and being the same size) is we tend to share a lot of our clothes. It’s kind of like getting to go shopping in the morning before work. This sweater has been remixed over and over with jeans, skirts, boots and booties ever since it arrived on Christmas morning. P.S. – it’s on sale!

4. House of Cards