This Week’s Everyday Adventures & A Few Links


A good laugh and a long sleepDesign Darling: We always love seeing glimpses of Dallas Wardrobe’s home on Instagram. The full home tour she did on her blog this week does not disappoint.

Counting down: Austin Monthly is rounding up the best new restaurants in Austin for 2014. So far, we’ve only been to two on the list, so it looks like we have some eating to do.

A touch of blush: This work wear ensemble is so classic and easy to emulate on your own. We love the stripe and blush details that add a bit of personality to a classic work look.

Taco Town: This fun article from Bon Appetit does a deep dive in to the Austin taco scene, including the anatomy of the breakfast taco. We often talk about how Austin is a town where you may end up eating a tortilla for breakfast, lunch and dinner if you aren’t careful (and this article totally proves it).

Been there: On a flight this past week, I read an article that rounded up  a few travel apps, including one called Been. It is a really handy app to keep on your phone that helps you keep track of how many countries and states you’ve been to and will actually give you percentages visited of each continent (if you are a total nerd like me and want to know).

Superhero style: How does everyone feel about the cape trend that is going on right now? We personally love it and think they can really dress up a casual outfit.

** This week, our everyday adventures included **

  • {Lindsey} spending most of the week and part of last weekend in San Diego for a work conference. Luckily, we got to spend a little time in beautiful La Jolla and Balboa Park.
  • Wandering around Lady Bird Lake and soaking in a sunny day
  • {Haley} having fun styling this fall look

This week flew by like no other. I was at a work conference from Sunday through Wednesday evening, so I am still trying to make my way through my inbox and catch up on work I didn’t get around to during the first part of the week. The nice thing about traveling for work is that you often get a glimpse of a city you might not visit to for leisure normally, which is how I felt about being in San Diego this past week. After work one evening, we made it out to La Jolla for dinner and I have to say it was just so nice to see the ocean and wander around the seaside town. I also purposely booked my flight a bit later than necessary on the way back so I would have an hour or so around lunch time to check out Balboa Park in San Diego before heading back to the airport. I’ve heard over and over again that business travelers are more and more often adding a bit of leisure to their trips, and apparently I am no exception. Happy Friday!

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Experiencing Austin: Lady Bird Lake Trail


Downtown Austin Skyline

Boardwalk Lady Bird Lake

Downtown Austin

Boardwalk around Lady Bird Lake

Boardwalk Lady Bird Lake

Lady Bird Lake Boardwalk

Lady Bird Lake Trail

If I had to pick my favorite part about living in Austin, it might have to be the trail that loops around Lady Bird Lake. I love that the 10 mile trail is, in many ways like a heartbeat to the city, filled with people walking, running, biking and wandering on any given day. Austin is definitely a city that loves the outdoors, and the trail is that perfect balance of being outside and still being in heart of downtown.

We’ve found that every entry point to the trail offers a different vantage point and view of the city. Some areas are completely covered with trees, some have awesome views of the skyline and others offer more privacy from crowds than others. My favorite area is the boardwalk that just opened this past June. Suspended over water, this new part of the trail has insane views of the skyline and is one of the widest areas of the loop that I have seen so far. I love that you are suspended over the water and can take breaks at a number of small outlook points.

After a walk, we like to go to sit on the terrace at Alta’s Cafe, which has a nice view of the lake and has coffee, pastries and breakfast tacos if you happen to hit the trail in the morning. They also serve beer and wine if you are taking a more leisurely loop in the afternoon or evening.

Whether you live in Austin or are just visiting, the hike and bike trail around Lady Bird Lake is the place I’d recommend most for a morning walk or run, or even to enjoy your morning cup of coffee.


This Week’s Everyday Adventures & A Few Links


W Union Square

Pavilion Union Square

Union Square

Union Square Farmers Market

Union Square

Feels like home: We often find ourselves pinning pictures of interiors that are likely out of reach for a while on our current budgets. However, this home tour of fellow Austin resident Katie Taylor’s home inspired us to remember that a sophisticated and well appointed pad does not necessarily need to be ridiculously expensive.

Pursuit of happiness: This article really hit home for me during this season of life. It really is about more about just being happy, but being purposeful and intentional with your life each day.

Instafood: Fathom rounds up 12 international meals worth the journey, all courtesy of Instagram.

Sale alert: There are quite a few fantastic sales going on this weekend, so be sure to check them out if you need a few fall or winter pieces.

  • Neiman Marcus: Now through Sunday: buy one item get 20% off, two items get 25% off, three items get 30% off of select regular price and sale items. 
  • J. Crew: 25% off of full price styles and 30% off of sale styles. Like the cute sweater from our pop of pink post this week? Get it 25% off here.
  • Anthropologie: Extra 25% off all sale items.

Burgundy: This one color look that Bradley put together (inspired by OP), is so bold and sophisticated.

This week, some of our everyday adventures included:

  • {Haley} spending a day off catching up with a friend, which included a long walk around Lady Bird Lake and a fun lunch.
  • {Lindsey} Spending an extra long weekend in NYC. In case you missed the recap of the trip, check out some everyday adventures here and here.
  • The two of us catching up after spending a few days apart making one of our favorite easy weeknight meals right after shooting this fun outfit.

You might be wondering what all of the pictures above have in common. The answer: they were all taken in Union Square. Throughout my time there, we visited the Farmers’ Market on Saturday morning for fresh apple cider and baked goods and on Sunday for brunch in the Pavilion Restaurant under the arch in the middle of the park. It was especially neat on Saturday seeing all of the locals out stocking up on produce for the week and enjoying a sunny weekend morning before heading on to the rest of their days. Happy weekend everyone!


9/11 Memorial Museum


9_11 Memorial

9/11 Memorial Museum

Virgil Quote

Radio Tower from Twin Towers

9/11 Memorial Museum


The first time I visited New York, I was a junior in high school. It had been about 5 years since 9/11 happened and the Twin Towers had collapsed. I never knew what the skyline looked like in person when they were there. I know everyone has their story about where they were and what they were doing that day and I am no different. I remember waiting for carpool to come pick me up to go to 7th grade and watching the first plane fly through the North tower on the Today Show right before I left for school. I had no idea what was happening or what the Twin Towers even were. I remember being confused and scared while sitting in 7th grade science where we were confined for the day. And I remember thinking that it was much bigger and much more important than I could understand at the time.

During my trip last weekend, we visited the new 9/11 Memorial Museum and although it was incredibly somber and sad; it was also incredibly well done and reminded you of the importance of that day and the lives that were lost. There is something otherworldly about walking through the museum, which is in the basement of one of the towers. You see walls that are stripped down with huge pieces of metal jetting out of them and crumbled staircases, all surrounded by remnants and artifacts from that dreadful day.

Visiting left me profoundly aware that freedom and love are much stronger than fear and hate. I found myself in awe of the support New Yorkers gave each other that day and the bravery of the rescue workers. I found myself feeling so deeply grateful that we have people in this country that choose love over being selfish in times where it would be so easy to be.

Our freedom is such a strong and powerful thing and something that is easy to forget at times that there are people who would like to take it away. Visiting the museum was an experience that made me proud of this country and the insanely diverse and passionate group of people that make it up and answered the call when it was in crisis. I’d highly recommend planning your visit next time you are in New York.

Logistics: Tickets can be purchased online ahead of time to reserve your spot in line. I would recommend choosing a time you’d like to visit and pre-purchasing your tickets because the lines were extremely long even when we visited on a Monday morning.

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