Experiencing Austin: Patricia’s Table


Patricia's Table

Patricia's Table

Pasta Making Class

Pasta Making Class

Pasta Making Class

Pasta Making Class

Last week, we attended our first ever pasta making class at Patricia’s Table, a local cooking school that just opened up at the beginning of the summer. Patricia’s Table’s primary focus is actually on kids cooking classes and culinary education, but also offers a selection of adult recreational classes, which also happen to be BYOB. Unlike many cooking classes we’ve taken in the past, the classes at Patricia’s Table are all hands on and usually have a fairly small group of participants, allowing you to ask the instructor plenty of questions throughout the evening.

The space that the classes take place in also happens to be absolutely adorable (can it please be ours instead?). The kitchen itself is full of happy touches like powder blue cabinets, sunny yellow bar stools and an expansive subway tile back splash. Anchoring each side of the kitchen are two large prep tables, where most of the class actually takes place. Throughout the class we were asked to prep or make different parts of the meal, which gave us a lot more confidence that we may actually be able to replicate the steps at home.

The “Art of Making Pasta” class caught our attention because it is something we have never tried or been brave enough to try to make. With our love of all things Italian, we thought it would be fun to understand the work that goes in to getting one of our favorite food items on our plates and in to our stomachs. The class was a blast and we were amazed by the work that goes in to the entire process. You guys, pasta making is definitely not for the faint of heart and is not a weeknight meal activity.

Our instructor, Ron Smith (of Austin’s Pasta & Co) taught us the work that goes in to hand needing the dough, using a pasta maker to carefully roll the pasta dough in to thin sheets and a variety of different styles of pasta to create, from fettuccine and pappardelle to more complicated ravioli and garganelli. After learning all about how to make the pasta, we enjoyed several types of pasta with different types of sauce and left the class full and happy.

We loved our everyday adventure at Patricia’s Table and can’t wait to go back to another class soon. Check out their full list of upcoming adult classes happening over the next few months.

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How to Plan a Bachelorette Weekend


how to plan a bachelorette weekend

In my circle of friends, wedding season has been in full swing over the past year or two, and I admittedly have become somewhat of an expert in planning the different celebratory events that happen leading up to the special day. Witnessing your friends go through their special season of engagement is extremely exciting and one of the best ways to help make it memorable is by planning an epic bachelorette weekend for them. The two that I have planned or helped plan were completely different from one another. One was an extended weekend in Napa and the other was an extremely laid back weekend at a river cabin in Oklahoma.

No matter what the agenda is, here are a few rules to live by if you find yourself planning a fun weekend for one of your closest friends:

  1. Get people excited about the weekend ahead of time: Sending an old fashioned paper invitation in the mail with all of the details of the weekend is an easy way to get everyone looking forward to catching up with the group during the bachelorette weekend. It is also the perfect place to include things like packing lists, transportation logistics and an itinerary for the weekend if there is one. I think Minted and Sugar Paper make cards and invitations that are really beautiful and unique, and make a nice keepsake for the bride.
  2. Have a few agenda items to make the weekend special: Although going with the flow is great, the bigger the group, the harder that situation is to manage. I’d recommend having a few activities planned to help guide what the weekend looks like, so that people with different ideas of what to do don’t create frustration. For a destination like Napa, we obviously had a lot more planned than a weekend on the river. However, even when we were out at the cabin we made plans for dinner and rented a boat one afternoon.
  3. Food and booze are important: I really should make this the number one item on this list. Have a game plan ahead of time for how food and beverage is going to be handled. If you happen to be at a house with a kitchen, it is awesome to have snacks and meals like breakfast taken care of so that the group doesn’t have to worry about it. If you are going to be in a bigger city, I think it goes without saying that having a dinner reservation or two gives the group something fun to look forward to before the weekend begins (at least if you are food driven like me + my group of friends).
  4. Shower the bride with a theme of gifts: It seems like lingerie showers have become a standard event during most bachelorette parties or weekends. Although this is a great idea, it is also fun to mix it up and ask the bride if there may be anything else that may be fun to shower her with. At our last bachelorette weekend, we did a “stock the wine bar,” and each brought a bottle or two of our favorites to help stock the couple’s bar.

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This Week’s Everyday Adventures & A Few Links


73 Questions: This week, Vogue interviews Anna Wintour in their video interview series, and some of her answers may surprise you!

Fall Collaboration: Have any of you checked out the Altuzarra for Target collection? Looks like another successful Target brand collab in the making.

Chow down: This eggplant and pesto sandwich recipe looks like the perfect veggie option.

Jealous: We’re convinced Tuula has it made. She combines her love of fashion and photography while traveling the world. Her recap of Budva is insanely beautiful.

Instafood: Whole Foods announced a new partnership with Instacart, where you can pick up or get groceries delivered in as little as an hour.

The good life: Uruguay continues to have the spotlight shown on it as a rising travel destination. This article highlights its’ wine producing region.

Dealing with disappointment: Life lessons on moving on from bumps in the road and adopting a mentality that puts others first.

** This week, some of our everyday adventures included **

  • Attending our first ever pasta making class (details to come next week!)
  • {Haley} starting a new job at a company she is really excited about
  • Making our first ever successful Bolognese sauce (we’ve had a few flops)
  • Trying out a new Austin restaurant with a ranch to table concept

Isn’t the time lapse video above beautiful?  It was created by Shutterstock and features a quick journey around the world in 80 clips. Speaking of time lapse videos … have any of you tried the new Instagram app, Hyperlapse to create your own? I played around with the app when I was at a river cabin a few weeks ago and I thought it did a surprisingly good job of creating my own amateur time lapse, even though I haven’t shared the results on social media. If you haven’t seen what the app can do, here are a few really neat examples that have been rounded up.

Happy weekend, y’all!


Destination Dispatch: Sardinia, Italy



LucaPicciau Sardinia

Olive tree sardinia


Sardinia is the second largest  island in the Mediterranean and is technically part of Italy, although it has its own distinct culture and traditions. The island is actually closer to Africa than it is to the Italian mainland and boasts some of the most beautiful water and beaches I have ever seen pictures of. The coast is marked with dramatic limestone cliffs and mountains that lead down to endless stretches of emerald water, white sand beaches and secluded coves.

It is no secret that Italy is my favorite country to visit (proof here), and Sardinia may just be at the tip top of the whole list as a new destination to check out on my next trip. The thing that I always love about visiting Italy is the balance of being able to take it slow and relax and also partake in the endless amount of outdoor activities that the country has to offer. Has anyone ever visited Sardinia? I would love to hear about your experience!

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