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I am changing my usual Friday posts a little bit from here on out. I want to stay true to the name and purpose of my blog and report back to all of you each week on some everyday adventures I have celebrated in the past 7 days, and also still report on some of my favorite travel stories and finds from around the web. Although this blog is mainly geared toward travel, it is also meant to inspire living life to the fullest and looking for ways to explore and have adventure in your life each day, whether it’s in your own city or halfway across the world.

This week …

– A couple of friends and I rented a cabin on Broken Bow lake in Oklahoma to ring in 2013. We spent two days playing intense sessions of Taboo, cooking ridiculously unhealthy food, reading and just goofing off in general.

– I started a new job on Wednesday. I am in a rotational program at work where I change jobs every six months and will be in my new stint until June. It’s such a fun opportunity to learn so many parts of the business and meet lots of new people.

– I attempted to eat 365 black-eyed peas in hopes to give myself some good luck for 2013. Being the major nerd that I am, I usually calculate how many peas fit in the average spoon and figure out how many I need to shovel down. It just doesn’t feel like a new year until I’ve eaten them.

– My dad and I went to go see Blue Man Group when they visited Dallas. We seriously almost got picked as the people to go up and make idiots of ourselves up on stage. All three of them were standing on our arm rests on our chairs and picked someone three seats down from me. (Crisis averted)

And a few of my favorite travel related links and finds from this week:

An amazing (and delicious) look back at a year of food and travel. – Roads & Kingdoms

13 travel trends you can expect to see in the next year. Food tourism, last-minute hotel bookings & more. (Make sure to download the entire 15 page report) – Skift Report

I’ve always wanted to visit Norway because my family’s heritage is from there, but after reading about how expensive it is, I need to make sure I plan ahead. – The Culture Map

This makes me really excited considering I am in love with all things Italian. – The Culture-ist

I hope you all have wonderful first weekends of the new year! I would love to hear your feedback on adding my own everyday adventures to the blog each Friday, and would love it even more if you told me what type of adventures you had this past week!

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Photo // San Fransisco Cable Car via EyePoetryPhotography

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  1. Hello! Thanks for including my post in your weekly round-up! Ohhh fabulous to read that you have Norwegian heritage – isn’t it strange to feel a connection with a place without stepping foot there? I suppose yearning describes the feeling best. I had the same feeling towards China before visiting.

    Despite how expensive the country is, it’s worth spending the money because Norway is just soooo damn beautiful! Plus, like you mentioned, if you do the right planning, then things work out much, much cheaper!

    • Of course! Thanks for writing such an informative post! Yes, it really is weird to feel connected to a country I’ve only dreamed about going, and I really do hope to visit someday. Thanks again for the helpful hints and personal commentary in your post- it was a great read.


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